The iPhone 8 is rumoured to have some EPIC new features

This one’s a game changer!

By Matt Galea
The iPhone 8 is rumoured to have some EPIC new features

Is it just us, or was the iPhone 7s released, like, 30 seconds ago!? Anyways, Apple has wasted no time with coming up with the ~amazing~ new features for the iPhone 8 and if the rumours are true, we’re in for a treat!

The tech-heads at Thrillist did some digging and spoke to a few Apple experts to find out what the next iPhone model could entail.

Here are just some of the new functions that the clever techys say are rumoured to be on the new device…

You can charge the phone wirelessly.

Thought the Apple AirPods were next level? That was just the beginning of Apples’ wireless wizardry. Multiple sources have reported that Apple is testing their wireless charging technology as we speak! The epic new function would allow iPhone users to charge their devices from across the room, rather than having to glue themselves to the wall as their phone charges.

Laterz home button, helloooo bigger screen.

We’ve all been ~dreaming~ of a larger iPhone screen but at the same time, we kinda don’t want the phone to get any bigger! Apparently, Apple has found the perf solution to this: axing the home screen button! This will allow Apple to remove the borders at the top and bottom and stretch the screen to the full-length of the device. But how the eff do you access ‘home’, you ask? Well, there will be a “virtual” home button on the screen as well as advanced Touch ID with a fingerprint sensor.


Eye and face scanning technology.

iPhone security changed forevz when Apple introduced Touch ID, and apparently they’ve been working on advancing that technology ever since!

A sneaky leak from a Chinese chip manufacturer sparked a rumour that the next iPhone will feature an iris-scanner, meaning that you can unlock your phone by looking into a lil camera on the screen.

The rumour was supported by the fact that Apple has recently acquired multiple companies that specialise in facial recognition. Ppl have speculated that it may also feature face-scanning technology. This device is srsly gonna be next level!

The screen will have serious curves.

Yep, you read that correctly! And this rumour has the most gravity behind it. The word on the tech street is that the screen will be “bent” on both sides, kinda like the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge or Note7. Also, the front and back ~could~ be made of glass and held in place with a metal frame, like the iPhone 4 and 4s. Look, as long as they’re crack-proof, we’re stoked!

The images on the screen will be lit AF.

The Apple peeps are working towards making a much higher-quality display screen, with an OLED screen rather than a lesser-qual LCD one. The new and improved screen (that Apple already uses in its watches) will give a waaaay better contrast than the LCD, making the images crystal clear.

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There will be THREE models to choose from.

And last, but defs not least, multiple reports have speculated that there will be three different versions of the iPhone 8. A “premium” model with a curved OLED screen and two others with a lesser-qual curved LCD display. The Wallstreet Journal have reported that they’ve been testing 10 different prototypes, so it’s unclear which functions will or won’t go ahead, but we’ll see!

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