The iPhone 8 ~may~ have THIS life-changing function

No but seriously, it is LIFE CHANGING!

By Matt Galea
The iPhone 8 ~may~ have THIS life-changing function

Is it just us, or was the iPhone 7s released, like, 30 seconds ago!? Anyways, Apple has wasted no time in coming up with the ~amazing~ new features for the iPhone 8 and if the rumours are true, we’re in for a treat!

Thought the Apple AirPods were next level? That was just the beginning of Apple's wireless wizardry.

Multiple sources including Thrillist and KGI Securities have reported that Apple is testing their wireless charging technology as we speak!

The epic new function would allow iPhone users to charge their devices from across the room, rather than having to glue themselves to the wall as their phone charges.

Fuel was added to this epic fire when Apple joined forced with the Wireless Power Consortium, proving that ~something~ wireless is in the works!

We’re sure that your hopes are higher than heaven RN, so we should warn you, this new function will make the next iPhone V exxy as the wireless charging function ain’t cheap.

So we recommend that you start saving your dollar dollar billz ASAP!