The new TV series called 'Prep' is basically Gossip Girl 2.0 and we are #KEEN

We are PREPared, geddit?

By Bianca Mastroianni

There's nothing more exciting than a new TV series that we can obsess over/binge watch for weeks on end.

Last week, HBO announced the 2005 novel Prep was going to be turned into an epic new TV series to fill the hole that Gossip Girl left in our heart and soul.

There hasn't been a show with GG vibes SINCE GG, and we aren't counting Pretty Little Liars because that is like Gossip Girlon steroids, and Dan Humphrey has got nuthin' on A.


Prep follows a girl who transfers to a swanky, fancy-as-hell private school. It's a huge boarding school on a beautiful campus with grande ol' buildings and stuff.

We're loving it already. Here's everything you should know if you're about to become infatuated with this storyline because let's face it, we're real weak when it comes to a good old high school drama.

Our main gal is Lee Fiora, and unlike Blair's bold, intimidating sass and Serena's legit perfectness - she's relatable. She makes mistakes and whatnot but that's the beauty of a good drama.

The novel is spanned over four years, so we follow Lee through Freshman year to the end of high school.

Has there ever been a better time to start following a character in TV history? We think not.

With every great high school drama comes an absolute BABE to become obsessed with. Meet Cross Sugarman, the new guy to fangirl over. Cross is ~da man~ on campus, he plays basketball and acts (UM Troy Bolton vibez anyone!?) but he is a total softy.

Along with the bae is that girl you will probs hate at the beginning but after some great character development, start to like. That's Aspeth Montgomery (these names are reallllly something.) She's the IT girl, the kween bee, she's hawt and intimidating. You get the gist.

She is totes into Cross but we all can guess who Cross is into, right? #Standard.

Lee's tribe of gal pals are Martha, Dede and Sin Jun. Martha is the hardworking, studious one. Dede is the social climber, and Sin Jun is the intelligent but socially unaware one. Together, with Lee, they clearly make the perfect squad.

Sounds fabbity fab. BUT, no cast is complete cast unless there's a Dan Humphrey of the group, AKA the typical nice guy.

Meet Dave Bardo. He fawns over Lee (~duh~) and works in the school kitchen. Cute.

Anyway, we're officially obsessed already and the show hasn't even been cast yet.