The ultimate Disney mash-up mix

Watch this guy sing your fave Disney songs all rolled into one.

The master of music mash-ups, Todrick Hall, has somehow mashed nearly 80 years of Disney music into a six minute song - and it is a-m-a-z-e-b-a-l-l-s! Like mac n’ cheese level of greatness…

His latest mind-bogglin’ medley is called the “Evolution of Disney” and it features everyone’s fave classics PLUS new Disney tracks.

Got a certain Disney fave? From The Little Mermaids “Under the Sea” to Frozen’s “Let It Go”, you name it, he’s got it in there! Not to mention, the dude’s got some seriously good choreography skills.

BRB, we're getting ready to run off and join a musical!

In all seriousness, watch the vid and get prepared to be beyond obsessed! It’s going to have you binge-watching Disney movies ALL weekend. Which TBH, sounds pretty amazing.

Words: Brittany Wheeler.