This theory that connects Santa with Harry Potter will blow your mind

He's got a lot of Floo Powder + Thestrals to get him around...

By Bianca Mastroianni
Theory connects Santa to Harry Potter

Quick, name two things you LOOOOVE:

Christmas and Harry Potter... DUH.

So can you imagine if the two were ~connected~ in a way you never thought possible?

Some clever internet person on Reddit, fittingly named TheSortingSombrero proved that Santa, is in fact, a wizard.

Here are the #facts:

Muggle world unsolved conspiracy: How does the big, fat Santa fit down a chimney?


Or you know... he just apparates in, 'coz not every house has a chimney.

How does he go ~so~ unnoticed??

Uhm, pretty sure he could Obliviate your memory, or even use an Invisibility Cloak...

More importantly, how the hell does he get to every single damn house in one night?

Remember this goodie:

Okay, so how then does he fit all those presents in one old sack?

Remember how Hermione fit an entire tent, plus the rest of her, Ron and Harry's belongings in a tiny beaded bag with an Undetectable Extension Charm??

It all adds up quite nicely tbh, and if you're thinking about how he gets around... c'mon guys. Thestrals, brooms, flying carriage, apparition, port-key... it's not that hard for a wizard to do that.

The icing on the cake? Elves. House elves... WORKING SANTA ELVES who make all the pressies.

K, our minds are officially blown, and Santa has just become so freaking real again.

ANY argument you have against this is so damn invalid.