10 things you'll only understand if you're ~deep~ in the 1D fandom

Obsessed with 1D? Here are 10 signs that you’re a hardcore Directioner.

1. Carrot

Sorry to break it to you babes but if you've been called a carrot, that ain't a good thing. Basically, this term all started back in 2010 during a video diary when a fan asked the boys what they look for in a GF, and thus #Carrots were born. Fans quickly started sending Louis carrots and bringing the orange vegie to their shows. Eventually the phrase was ran into the ground and now it's a term to describe those ~new~ to the fandom.

2. Gotta Zayn

This one’s like saying “gotta go” or “gotta leave” which is exactly what Zayn did to One Direction…

e.g. Hey guys, gotta Zayn, see you on Monday.

3. Frog Son

Another unexplained Directioner-made term. “Frog Son/or amphibian prince is a name the fandom gave Harry because for some reason or another they’re convinced he resembles a (very handsome) frog.

4. Conchobar

(pronounced by the fandom as Con-co-bar)

What’s a Conchobar you ask? Well it's actually the Irish equivalent of “Connor”. Before Freddie Reign was Freddie Reign, the fandom ran with the idea that Louis actually named his little lad this intense name. #GoodTimes.

5. Kevin the pigeon

Another epic character from the video diaries, Kevin the pigeon is a stuffed/fake/random pigeon Louis adopted for a day. He hasn’t been seen since.

6. Take a Chonce

During One Direction’s ~feel-inducing~ ballad, 18, Directioners and Harry Styles have noticed that our favourite little golf-playing leprechaun has a tendency to pronounce “Chance” as “Chonce”.

7. The nipples

If you joined the fandom A.B (after the butterfly tattoo) in 2013, then you may not be aware of the fact that Harry Styles actually has four nipples. LOL who are we kidding, you probably learnt that in your first hour of being a Directioner.

8. Harry and his cats

When Matt Cardle won The X Factor back in 2010, a cheeky 16-year-old Harold whispered something into his ear along the lines of playing with a lot of cats... (see video above.)

9. Wellington

Yep, we’re talking about the Capital City of New Zealand. We’re also talking about that time a fetus 1D were spotted and a ~rumoured~ ~Larry~ ~embrace~ was ~apparently~ caught on camera by some nearby fangirls. Make of it what you will…

10. Rainbow Bondage Bear

Basically, this rainbow teddy bear with a liking for leather and aviators has sporadically been popping up at all of One Direction's concerts for the past two years. The band’s drummer Josh Devine is the rumoured ~creator~ behind the account. Many Directioners believe that RBB is some kind of ~Larry~ confirmation.

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