12 confessions you'll only understand if have an unhealthy addiction to chocolate

Happy World Chocolate Day, dolls.

By Amber Manto

1. You buy three chocolate bars instead of just one cos they’re on special so you’ll save 4c – though you have to spend an extra $4 to get that saving. #Logic

2. It’s pouring rain outside but you have a major craving so you end up eating hot chocolate powder straight out of the packet. No shame. No regrets.

3. Every single day is a scavenger hunt in your bedroom cause you have that much chocolate stashed around the place that you've hidden from your fam, that now you've forgotten where it all is.

4. You can’t wait for the days AFTER Easter because it means all the eggs will be on sale and you can re-stock your supply.

5. You get a family block of chocolate but then an actual member of the family takes a piece and you immediately disown them.

6. You're just about to go to sleep but the thought of chocolate suddenly pops into your head but you have none so now you're basically screwed for the rest of the night.

7. Everyday when you wake up it's all you can think about and you count down the minutes till you can hit the shops to stock up.

8. You hate to think how much of your pocket money has gone towards chocolate but you're pretty sure without this addiction you'd be living on your own yacht by now.

9. Going into a supermarket/deli/school tuck shop and leaving without chocolate, even if you don't feel like it, is something which would never happen. Ever.

10. When you find chocolate melted at the bottom of your bag you legit hold a funeral for the deformed, taste-altered bar. What could have been...

11. At parties, you're straight to the snack table so no-one hogs all the chocolate, that's what you're there for.

12. Easter is basically your second birthday and you feel no shame eating all your choccie loot in one sitting. None. GET IN MA BELLAH.

Happy World Chocolate Day, babes. XX