20 things that sure as heck happen at school camp

The good, the bad and the really watery hot chocolates.

By Bianca Mastroianni

We all have a love-hate relationship with school camp. It's that time you get to go away with all your friends and get away from your parents... but it's with school (and teachers - ugh).

SO many things go down at camp, let's be real it can get pretty turnt. These are all the things that 3000% happen at camp. Don't even try and deny it.

1. Packing a massive suitcase FULL of clothes

So you're only there for like a week, and you'll probably be doing outdoorsy activities all day everyday - but you need to bring that top you got from ASOS last week, and the rest of your wardrobe too.

2. Showing off your best clothes (and makeup skillz)

School may be strict with uniform and makeup, but when it comes to camp pretty much anything goes. You can show off your ~style~ while trying your best not to get your fave items caked with dirt. As for dinners in the food hall, it'll take you a good hour to get lookin' your best for that event.

3. Finding out if you'll be with your squad in a cabin (or tent)

If you have to spend the entire week NOT bunking with your BFFs you might actually cry. And if you have to be forced to tent with you know who, then you're probs running away.

4. Finding out who will be in your group for the week

Just as - if not more _ important than finding out who you're bunking with. You'll be spending most of the week with this crew, and you have all your fingers and toes crossed that BAE will be in it.

5. The stanky toilet sitch

If you're in cabins then all G, but when you tent out in the middle of a paddock chances are the toilet is a hole in the bush. UGH! It doesn't get much worse than this.


Let's fire them off:

  • Spotlight
  • Flying fox

  • Bullrush
  • Capture the flag

  • The wombat hole
  • Canoeing in the dirty lake

7. Campfires <3

You have to admit, the campfires every night are ~amazing~. That mood lighting, the marshmallows on an IRL stick from the ground and making eye contact with bae from across the fire is basically what fan-fics are made of.

8. Making damper

Don't even try and deny it, EVERY Australian school camp has done this. Making that pretty flavourless dough from scratch, wrapping it in foil and either cooking it in direct fire or burying it in coals until it's hard as a rock then dousing it in maple syrup. Basically a school camp rite of passage.

9. The forced character-building activities

Like scavenger hunts that you have to navigate around a creepy farm town, or bushwalks that turn into a geography lesson. Sigh.

10. The food

Tastes like it could kill you, but you sort of love it anyway.

11. Hot chocolates

Are less chocolate and more like 90% boiling water.

12. Showering

Is either non-existent or in a share bathroom. So naturally, you freak out about your classmates catching a glimpse of your ~pRiVaTeS~

13. Periods

If you're in a tent and there's a crap bathroom situation, prepare yourself for a week in hell. Or the horror - getting your first-ever period WHILE on school camp. That is 3000% a conversation you'd like to avoid having with your teacher.

14. Getting annoyed with your BFF

Not only do you have to spend that 3+ hour bus drive with them where EVERYONE gets annoyed and restless, but people tend to get on each other's nerves when they're in confined spaces (like tents or cabins) for a long period of time. Even your BFF. It happens. You'll still love each other after the horrid week.

15. After dark pamper sessions

This is when you and your tribe will have the most fun. No forced activities or teachers watching, but nail painting, gossiping, face masks and FUN.

16. Boys sneaking in

"Lights out" never means lights out. After dark is when schoolkids turn into ninjas. The boys will sneak into the girls' cabins, and the teachers will know about it. A lengthy yell and mild heart attack later, and the process repeats. No sleep for the wicked.

17. Truth or dare, spin the bottle etc.

All been there. #NoRegrets. What happens at camp, stays at camp etc etc.

18. Sneaking phones in

Phones may be ~forbidden~ but kids are crafty and bring two. Handing in the old iPhone 3 and keeping your real phone under your pillow will work, right? Pity there's no reception anyway.

20. Canberra's Questacon & Bathurst gold-panning


Every Aussie school camp ever. Canberra camp was 1000% about the game centre and minus 3000% about learning politics.

Basically, camp is where the best memories with your pals are made. Enjoy it <3