This insane (but plausible) American Horror Story theory will blow your minds and leave you shook

2016 is all about the sixes.

By Sammy Stewart

We LOVE anything theory related, but this American Horror Story one will blow your minds and leave you shook.

Let's get right into it, shall we?

Many viewers would be aware that something MAJOR is about to go down on the sixth and current season of AHS...but not until the sixth episode, show-runner Ryan Murphy recently revealed to Entertainment Weekly.

"The show has a huge turn,” he says, adding “and the thing that you think you’re watching is not what you’re watching.”

So, what's the deal?

One Redditer thought up the theory that the first six episodes of Roanoke will mirror and make reference to past seasons.

For example, in season 1, episode 6, we were introduced to the Piggy Man. Compare that to season 6, episode 1 and yep, we meet the Piggy Man.

In the second epsiode of Roanoke, we got MAJOR Asylum vibes when that little ghost girl Pricilla ~warned~ Shelby, Matt and Lee that evil was on it's way. This episode totally mirrored season 2, episode 6 when Jenny, the lil demon child got up to no good.

Can you guess the next one? Yep, in episode 3 of season 6, Coven actor Leslie Jordan made an appearance as Cricket, the celebrity medium who used an Ouija board - like Zoe with the Axeman- to summon the ~evil spirits~.

Finally, for this week's episode 4 of Roanoke, an insane Freak Show connection was made when the Mott Family were mentioned. According to Denis O'Hare's Elias, Edward Phillipe Mott - a distant relative of season 4's Dandy - was the OG builder of the Roanoke farmhouse. Insane, right?

As for next week's episode? Well, in the sixth episode of season 5's Hotel we learnt that Lady Gaga's character had a demon baby... But does this mean there's going to be a devil child pop up on the screen? Maybe.

Perhaps that explains this random creature scaling the walls in the latest promo:


As far as we know, next week will be the LAST episode before the ~real~ action begins. It ~hopefully~ will also be the FINAL Evan-less episode according to the strangely accurate Twitter account @AHS6Info.

TL;DR? The season won't FULLY start until episode 6.