This girl emailed her teacher about her break-up and he totally had her back

What homework?

By Bianca Mastroianni
This girl emailed her teacher about her break-up

Situation we'd rather avoid: having an assessment due and your significant other breaking up with you. RUDE!

It's hard enough getting work done the night before it's due, so imagine trying to do that when your bae has just broken your damn heart. It's basically impossible.

Rachel Harriman, 19-year-old student at Ohio State University recently had to deal with this sitch, resulting in her turning in work late, Buzzfeed reports.

So what did she do? Told her teacher straight up what happened, because really it's a better excuse than "the dog ate it".

"I am so sorry for how late I am submitting this synopsis," she wrote. "My boyfriend unexpectedly broke up with me yesterday evening and I was a complete, unfocused mess who did not account for such a time consuming hiccup to affect my Sunday productivity.

"This will obviously not happen again, as I am no longer 'in a relationship' and will have no one to break up with me next Sunday," she wrote.


Thankfully, her professor knew that sh-t happens, and didn't deduct any points from her work. (Um, best teacher ever??)

"Dear Rachel," he emailed back, according to BuzzFeed. "Well, life happens. Seems like a good time to go to Europe."

Naturally, the entire internet population came to her side.

That's one way to be cheered up from a nasty break up!