Instagram has THREE new features that are actually SO GOOD

Game changing.

By Bianca Mastroianni

It's a bloody good day when Instagram decides to #bless us all with new features.

But, instead of copying every other social media app, they've come out with some new functions that are all about combating cyber-bullying.

So, what are they?


Previously on IG, you could like a pic, comment on it, or send a DM. Now, you can individually like a comment. Preeetttyy nifty.

Instagram believes that it will help "encourage positivity" because nice comments are way more likely to get a 'like'.


So this may not be so new, but it's definitely new for us.

Previously, certain accounts like verified or celebrity ones had the option to disable comments on any given pic. Now, you can too.

All you have to do is go into "Advanced Settings" when posting a pic, and disable comments.

Oh, and don't worry. If you totally regret that decision, you can easily reverse it!


If you have a public account, anyone can give you a follow.

But, on a private account, if you have someone there that you once accepted and now don't want... instead of giving them a nasty 'ban', you can remove them and they won't even be notified.

All you gotta do is press on that '...' next to their name, and remove. Wallah!