14 times the Kardashians/Jenners totally disowned Mumma Kris

Poor Kris :(

By Emily Kerr

1. When Kendall just did not want to be seen with her at the airport (above).

2. Or when she was annoyed she’d followed her to Paris Fashion Week:🏽

3. When Khloé found her so unfunny she simply ignored her joke:

4. When Kim was THIS interested in what she had to say:

5. And Kourtney couldn’t even deal with a phone conversation with her:

6. Or an IRL conversation:

7. When she was the ultimate third wheel for Kim and Kanye on the FROW:

8. And for Kylie and Tyga at her birthday:

9. When absolutely nobody gave a damn about her TV show.

10. That time Khloé shut her down on the red carpet:

11. Then Kourtney did the same after discovering her backyard swimsuit shoot:

12. It doesn't come much straighter than this:

13. Of course, the time they literally pied her:

14. And most recently, when Kylie blatantly snubbed a photo op with her on the Met Gala red carpet...

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