All the times Serena Van Der Woodsen kinda sucked

Even Blake Lively said she felt ‘personally compromised’ playing her. So there’s that…

By Lorna Gray
All the times Serena Van Der Woodsen was a crap person

When it comes to doing reprehensible things in Gossip Girl, we all know Dan Humphrey takes the cake for being King Douche. But his lady love Serena Van Der Woodsen isn’t much better.

“WHAT?!”we hear you say. Yes, the ‘it’ girl might have had the best wardrobe on the Upper East Side, the nicest hair, and the huskiest voice you ever did hear. But she’s also kinda crap.

Let’s take a look, shall we…

1. Okay, we’ll start with the absolute worst. Cardinal sin number 1, if you will. SHE SLEPT WITH HER BEST FRIEND’S BOYFRIEND.

Yep, Serena went ahead and did it with Nate Archibald, who was in a long-term relationship with Blair, then skipped town. Then she didn’t get why Blair was so pissed at her when she came back. Tut tut.

2. She was the hot mess everyone else had to look after during most of her time at high school.

3. Being inadvertently involved in that dude’s death that we can’t really remember what happened with. It involved Georgina. UGH.

4. Oh yeah, and that poor innocent professor who went to jail for "sleeping" with her when he didn't even do that at all. Granted, this was Lily’s fault and omg, can you even imagine the issues you’d have if she was your mum?! But still. Serena sucks.

5. She made a sex-tape of her and Dan when he was still with Blair, in the same spot she slept with Nate when he was still with Blair. Um, horrible best friend much?

6. Trying to butter up that Yale recruit to beat Blair for a space and DESTROY HER LIFE-LONG DREAM in the process. Then she ends up following her to Columbia anyway.

7. Her ‘career.’ How she became a publicist, government intern, professional blogger and film producer assistant with no real qualifications.

8. The poor life choice that was getting involved with a married politician you’re interning for. There’s also the fact Trip van der Bilt is the Nate Archibald’s cousin so it’s already a bit of a weird one.

9. She was actually Gossip Girl for a while there and that says enough.10. When she had those weird issues with her dad that made her do super wack things to get into the paper so her dad would notice her like hijacking that horse at the polo.

11. The fact she and Dan still ended up together even though they share a brother. Sorry, we just can’t.

12. Ending up with Dan even though he admitted he’s Gossip Girl and is therefore a LEGITIMATE PSYCOPATH. WTH?!

13. The fact Queen Blake Lively found it “morally comprising” playing Serena van der Woodsen. Says it all really.

Aaand we’re done. Still adore the show.