Toby from PLL and James Franco play boyfriends in their new film

Based on IRL.

By Lorna Gray

Holy heck we didn’t expect to be seeing Toby from Pretty Little Liars being partners in crime with James Franco before lunch has even digested but there you go… Laters, 'good guy' image.

James Franco, Christian Slater and Keegan Allen star in King Cobra, a movie based on the real-life murder of movie-maker Bryan Kocis.

Produced by James Franco, a couple of ~movie~ producers (Franco and Allen) face off against a movie mogul (Slater), as they try to steal his protégée Brent Corrigan (played by former Disney star – lol- Garrett Clayton).

We can’t believe it’s based on a true story, if we’re honest.

Yep, definitely not something you'd see from Rosewood's Chief of Police...

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