The Honest Trailer for “Toy Story” is almost too honest

Our childhood just went to infinity and beyond </3

The people over at Honest Trailers do a hilarious job at pointing out all the flaws and potentially ruining movies that you once thought were flawless** so it was only a matter of time before they gave Toy Story the brutally honest treatment…

Come to think of it...

Woody is described as “a neurotic, neat, egotistical control freak”, while Buzz is “a spaceman who shoots first and asks questions later.”


The trailer then goes on to point out all the questions that were never answered including, “where’s Andy’s Dad in all this? They have a two year old so he must have been around recently...did he run out on them? Did he die? Is Andy so attached to Woody because he’s the last thing his Dad gave him before he disappeared?”

Ugh, they just had to bring up the freaking theories.

Although it’s pretty hilarious, it still hits you hard in the feels.

Oh look, there goes our childhood…