So Tumblr could quite possibly be closing down and users are FREAKING out

Without the dark side of the internet how will we survive?

By Bianca Mastroianni

Yesterday, Yahoo posted its quarterly earnings and like #borzo, who cares? WELL, Tumblr users do because it means big things for their beloved blogging site.

Tumblr's valued at $482 million, which is huge - BUT they bought it for a whopping $1 billion, meaning it's decreased a helluva lot.


Naturally, Tumblr users went into freak-out mode, wondering WTH it could mean for the site...

Coming to terms with the situation...

The dedicated bloggers who were waiting patiently/impatiently for the results...

The general freak-outs.

And this lovely human caring for everyone's mental health...

Well, the answer was "not really", but DW GUYS there isn't any actual confirmation that Tumblr is closing at all.

A Tumblr rep spoke to assuring users they have nothing to worry about. "No, Tumblr is not shutting down," they said. "We appreciate that our passionate community will rally together for what they love, whether it's Taylor Swift or Tumblr."

Lol. Continue blogging in peace.