Turns out there's ANOTHER hidden FB Messenger inbox

By Amber Manto

So turns out you might have a whole stack of Facebook messenger messages sitting there in a secret vault of an inbox, just waiting to be read.

No we’re not talking that “message request” inbox, this is ANOTHER secret place. We know crazy. Just follow these simple steps to uncover ~your~ hidden messages.
1. Click on your Messenger app and click on the "Settings" button (probs at the bottom if you’re on an iPhone)
2. Go to “People”
3. Click on “Message Requests”

K, now stay with us, we're almost there…

  1. Click on “See filtered requests”


SEE ALL THE LOVE just flooding into your life? Sure there’s likely a lot of spam to troll through but you also might be surprised at who else has been trying to contact you... bae perhaps?
You're welcome. XX