You'll never guess how much Bella Swan's Twilight engagement ring has sold for

Do they have some spare change to now clone Edward?

By Bianca Mastroianni

If we had some spare dollars lying around, you can bet your left sock that we'd spend it all on memorabilia from our fave things.

AKA, a Nimbus 2000, Carrie Bradshaw's shoes and YEP, the engagement ring from Twilight. Instead we have about $2 lying around that we spent on fake blood to dress like a vampire on Halloween. #CloseEnough.

But, one lucky fan broke out her piggy bank and forked out a whopping $17,000 for Bella Swan's ring, and we're pretty impressed.

Does it come with a side of Cullen?! We'll even take just a lock of his hair.

Some other things that were up for sale include Mike's schoolbag (put THAT on our Christmas list...), Edward's bloodied suit, the Volturi's thrones (LOL) and even the framed graduation caps which went for $10,200.

Why the heck not?