20 unforgivable lies TV taught us about high school

Totally and absolutely 100% f-a-k-e.

By Isha Bassi
Lies TV taught us about high school

1. You can totes go out at lunch time and eat wherever you want

NOPE! More like sit on the wet patch of grass in the playground and sadly eat those Vegemite sandwiches.

2. You could break out into a song mid-class to vocalise all that ~angst~

We wish TBH.

3. There could be a mass murderer in town targeting erryone you know but ya still go to school

Uhhh this wouldn't happen IRL.

4. There's ALWAYS a prom king and queen

A custom Australia never quite picked up on. Sadly.

5. Every week your school would throw an EPIC party

Nup. Some schools don't even get a year 10 formal </3. The struggle is real.

6. Dudes that looked like Stiles somehow manage to go through highschool girlfriendless for years

We'd get our claws into him and his adorbs puppy eyes from the first day of school! ~heart eyes emoji~.

7. The boys locker room is where all the ~dRaMa~ goes down

Sounds exciting, but so not true if you go to an all-girls school.

8. You can be dealing with psychopaths, family dramas, BF problems, and STILL manage to maintain an A+ average

??!! Unless you're Spencer Hastings, that is simply impossible.

9. Canteens totally have baristas reading to make your soy vanilla latte.

Sadly, this is not the case for most schools ~cries while sipping on a poppa~.

10. A full face of makeup and a killer outfit is a MUST

Yet another #NoNo. Most of us prefer to have some beauty Zzzs instead, and we don't feel like having the office lady chase us with a make-up wipe.

11. It's totally the norm to wear your highest pair of heels

Bring on the Clarks! Or if you're lucky, ROC school shoes.

12. Hooking up with your hot teacher is the norm

UMMM #NOPE. Firstly, way illegal, and secondly, they aren't as hot as Ezra, like, ever.

13. Detention is the place to be after hours


  1. People at your highschool would look like this...

15. And the boys like this...

Le sigh.

16. There would be girl fights on the daily

We would like to think we're more peaceful than that.

17. Trashing your classroom on the last day of school before holidays is totes normal

NUH-UH! No way we're risking detention on the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!

18. Playing sports will make you ultra-popular

Kinda... I mean the jocks are cool, but so is everyone else.

19. You're guaranteed to meet your soul mate

We're still waiting. :(

20. Everyone has a car in highschool

Most kids were busy enough trying to get their Ls let alone own their own car. Peasants on public transport is our lyf.

I guess we'll just have to keep on dreaming, babes. High school isn't that bad though, right?