Unicorn chocolate exists and ZOMG we need it now

Fill your mouth with rainbows.

unicorn chocolate

Yeah, it's safe to say, we're prettyyyy darn unicorn obsessed. But seriously, give us one good reason not to be?

Now, a genius has put together two of our favourite things: unicorns and chocolate, and we are losing it.

This incredible new creation, made by German chocolate brand Ritter Sport, comes complete with rainbow glitter packaging AND even the bar itself is sparkly.

The flavour of the chocolate is white chocolate with yoghurt and "raspberry cassis flavoured rainbow," and everyone who has been lucky enough to try a piece has said that it is absolutely delicious.

Of course it is, just look at it.

Apparently, there are only 50 bars available in the U.K., and limited amounts worldwide. But not to worry, we're currently starting a petition to bring unicorn chocolate to Australia. Please stay tuned.