This is not a drill! You can now make your own Nutella lip balm

Licks lips forever

By Amelia Bowe

In what could very well be a world first, a YouTube Vlogger has created her very own Nutella lip balm and it’s the most amazing thing ever.

Joanna of Cute Life Hacks, has shared a step-by-step guide for creating Nutella lip balm and it’s as easy as it would be delicious.

After all, it’s NUTELLA!!

You’ll need an empty eos Lip Balm container, beeswax chips, coconut oil and of course, the key ingredient, Nutella.

You melt everything together, pour it into the container, then pop it in the freezer for 10 minutes and Bob’s your uncle.

We’re coining it the Lip Snacker. Because, you can eat it off your lips on-the-go.

Seriously GENIUS.

We’ll be making it every single day for the rest of our life now.