The latest 'American Horror Story' promo has a crazy connection to 'Murder House'

MIND BLOWN. Also very scared rn of that doll.

By Sammy Stewart

So the latest promo for American Horror Story's sixth season has got us feeling a lot of things.

We're mostly terrified of whatever that doll thing is we just saw, but we're also low-key freaking out because there's a HUGE connection to Murder House aka season one.

In the latest promo, there's a creepy doll on a rocking chair, humming something that sounds like "Little angel" if you listen to it closely enough.

Now, you might remember in season one, Constance would often refer to Tate's demon baby as her, yep, you guess it; little angel.

Does this mean we could see Michael the demon bbz again?! Better yet, will we see Jessica Lange return?!