5 easy ways to dramatically reduce your phone's data usage

If you're on a limited data plan, this one's for you.

By Sammy Stewart
How to reduce your phone's data usage

Going over your internet data is the WORST, but we don't need to tell you that. Getting that dreaded lecture about going over your limit from your mum is just something none of us want. So, here are some life-saving tips that will ensure you don't use up all your 4G.

1. Use less data on Instagram

Instagram understands the #struggle of wanting to browse through your pics, so they've come up with a way that will decrease the amount of 4G that's used.

Go into settings and click on Cellular Data Use:

Then make sure the Use Less Data is switched to "on"

2. Turn off auto-play videos on Facebook

Those automated videos on FB can be heckin' annoying AND use up a tonne of data. When you just want to have a look at DOLLY's stories of the day, here's how you turn off auto-play:

Go to Facebook's settings and click Account Settings:

Next, go into Video and Photos

Then change "Autoplay" to On Wi-Fi Connections Only:

3. Turn off App refresh

Coz you don't really need to update your phone RN.

Go onto your phone's settings, select General, then click Background App Refresh:

Next up, turn off Background App Refresh.

4. Turn off certain apps

There might be a bunch off apps you don't even use that are taking up all your data, so here's how to deal with that lil problem.

Go to Settings and then to Cellular. Scroll through the apps you don't use on the reg and slide the button to off.

5. Turn off cellular data

Just turn it off altogether and live a life without ~fear~ of going over.

Go into your phone settings and select *Cellular:

Turn the Cellular Data button to off.