We dressed like The Chanels from Scream Queens for a week and here’s what happened

Yup, we went to work like THIS…

By Bianca Mastroianni & Sammy Stewart
we dress like scream queens for a week dolly

FACT: Scream Queens is the best show on TV and here at DOLLY we’re ~obsessed~.

And those stylists got the job for a reason. If you're not watching it for Taylor Lautner, then you’re 3000% doin’ it for the FIAH outfits.

So while going about our daily business at DOLLY HQ – writing about Scream Queens, talking about Scream Queens, thinking about Scream Queens- we wondered WTH it’d be like to dress like The Chanels IRL. Because, why not?

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And it turns out, it’s a pretty hectic process…


If you’re well-educated in your Chanels, you’ll know their hair and makeup is always on freaking point.

After attempting and failing to nail the Scream Queens beauty look ourselves (that flawless hair ain’t as easy as it looks), we soon realised that Ari, Em and co. only look so damn fierce thanks to a helluva lot of profesh help, so we enlisted some hair and makeup artists to help us ~get the look~.

Glammest glam room, EVER!
Glammest glam room, EVER!

No wonder Ariana Grande is the sassiest kween to ever live, because that trademark high pony takes some serious diva-style effort:

Bianca aka Ari
Bianca aka Ari

And, unsurprisingly, Emma Robert’s bouncy blow-dry wasn’t exactly a two-minute job either.

Sammy aka Emma
Sammy aka Emma

For the makeup, she whipped out her magic contouring brush, gave us a #goals cat-eye and doused our hands in fake blood and corn syrup, then out of that glam room came Em and Ari 2.0.

Corn syrup = delish
Corn syrup = delish

“I felt about ten thousand times more sassy and confident”- Bianca.


YAS (Scream) KWEENS! We finally got to experience the ~power~ pink sparkles and it was every bit as fun as it looks. Our outfit unveiling was probs the best part of this entire process. Imagine walking into a wardrobe full of pink sparkles, fur coats and accessories you’d only otherwise see on TV.


“When I saw the silk, the fur and the cape dress, I knew I was about to be living my best life”- Sammy.

But while pink and fur are SQ wardrobe staples, working in an office has a very different set of staples and that became very clear very quickly.

As everyone around us was rocking nothing more exciting than jeans and the occasional Justin Bieber t-shirt (it is the DOLLY office, after all) we were casually sat around, doin’ our work like this:

Yeah, awks.


How we usually look @ werk
How we usually look @ werk

Basically, we stuck out like sore thumbs – or more precisely like marshmallows. Fancy as heck marshmallows you buy from the David Jones food hall, not Aldi.

I went to Starbucks and that was definitely an experience - so many judgmental looks.” – Bianca

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While the DOLLY Squad got what we were doing and got over our ~fierce new looks~ pretty quickly, the rest of the building was a different story. Imagine walking into the elevator in a pink mini dress, more makeup than you’ve ever worn in your lyf and heels so high you can’t really walk in them, only to come face-to-face with the company’s CEO.

Yeah, that happened.

“Yeah, nahh, I don’t usually dress like this. It’s for a feature, I work at DOLLY,” we mumbled, cringing.

We also had meetings to attend during the day, and wasn’t that an experience. Think: sitting at a table full of men-like-your-dad, discussing serious werk things, dressed like dis:

Feelin' sassy in our meeting.
Feelin' sassy in our meeting.

While the beginning was srsly awkward, we soon learned to channel our ~power dressing~ to our advantage, and realised that as soon as you stop caring what other people think of the way you look or dress, you get SO much more done.

“A bit of Chanel sass came out in my meetings… I felt so confident strutting around the building and strangely powerful, like I could handle anything thrown my way. – Sammy.


One thing we’ve learnt from channelling our inner Chanels (pun intended) is that confidence is key to everything. As soon as we stopped worrying about what everyone thought of us, we were left feeling our most #FIRE selves. And isn’t that what The Chanels are all about?

“Who isn’t going to listen to the girl dressed in hot-pink sparkles?”- Bianca.


One thing became very clear: your entire attitude can change just from how you look.

What was usually a - not mundane coz we work at DOLLY <3 - but average day, became something way more fun and exciting. Feeling like proper kweens during the week in the most glamorous outfits we’d ever worn left us feeling more confident not only with our looks, but our work as well.

“I felt like a more enhanced version of myself” – Bianca.

“The power of dressing a certain way can totally transform the way you behave, walk and interact with others” – Sammy.

Sure, Scream Queens’ style is totally OTT and we won’t exactly be rocking pink fur every day from now on, but dressing like this showed us that any change out of your comfort zone can be totally beneficial to your confidence, self-esteem and productivity. So we’ll definitely be mixing it up more from now on, and suggest you try it too.

Because why not live your absolute best life erryday of the week?!

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Styling; Bree Player, Photography; Andrew Finlayson, Hair and makeup; Lei Tai.