You won't believe your eyes when you see what Jake from Hannah Montana looks like now

Once a heart-throb, always a heart-throb.

By Bianca Mastroianni
Hannah Montana's Jake played by Cody Linley looks like now

Before we even kicked off our school shoes the TV would be turned onto Disney Channel to watch the latest and greatest episode of Hannah Montana.

Those were the days...

Our equal parts obsession with Miley Cyrus, her blonde alias and BABEN' love interest Jake is what had our eyes glued to the screen everytime the show played.

And can you blame us? Look at him...

To this day we still get the tingles.

So you can imagine our interest when you can literally stalk anyone these days. Wanna know what Jake (Cody Linley) looks like RN? Just take to this Instagram of course.

Well hey there Codez!!!

Still holding a flame for Miley obviously with this epic #throwback pic, and yes, this satisfies the fandom a lot.

Ain't missing that bowl cut though.