This is what happens when you actually finish Pokémon Go

The first one to finish tells their story.

By Sammy Stewart

A man who has cheated his way to victory (low-key smh) has revealed what actually happens when you catch 'em all.

~SpOilErs aHeAd~

A man who claims he used a 'bot' to make his way to the top told Reddit what actually happens when you finish the game. Yep, it's possible.

Basically, the highest level you can reach is 40 which can be achieved when you reach 5,000,000 XP points. Once you earn your PokeCrown, you also receive a special goodie bag which includes:
~40 Ultraballs
~40 Razz Berries
~4 Incenses
~4 Lucky Eggs
~4 Lure Models
~4 egg incubators

Wow. So this is what life is like at the top. Amazing.