QUIZ! Who said it: Summer Roberts or Blair Waldorf?

How well do your know your Gossip Girl from your O.C.?

By Erin Cook

Are you a Gossip Girl fan? (Pah! Trick question… Of course you are.) What about The O.C.? Did you watch every episode of that, too? (Yes? We thought so…)

In that case, you might have noticed that Summer Roberts and Blair Waldorf are so, so, very, strikingly similar! Not only in their appearance, but also in their attitudes.

Summer Roberts was the most popular girl in school, loved fashion and gave no damns about your opinion. Blair Waldorf? Well, she was pretty much the same.

Both ~queens~ dished out some pretty hilarious and witty life advice during their time on the small screen. Can you tell your Summer Roberts sass from a sick Blair Waldorf burn? Take our quiz to find out: