This is what you text your crush for 3000% winner results

No lie.

By Bianca Mastroianni

Prepare to do the biggest eye-roll of your entire life girls.

If you've recently noticed a bunch of girls tweeting texts to their crush about vikings, it's because according to this outdated piece of crap literature - A Smart Girl's Guide to Boys published in 2001- that's a ~killer~ conversation starter...

Yes because apparently you aren't a "smart girl" unless you text your bae about historical events and what not.


When 21-year-old Caitlin Whitlock found a copy of this atrocity at her parents' house, she decided the world had to know about how "I wish they'd teach us more about vikings" is the way to make your bae love you.

So she (and others) decided to try it out for herself and see how successful the line really was...


Unless you run into a good old vikings lover, and we don't mean the TV show - you may actually have some success...

Faaaaantastic! But hey, it may even get a proposal outta them.

You just never know in this day and age.

Check out this beautiful piece of advice the book also offers:

BRB, practicing all our "knock knock" jokes otherwise we'll be single 4eva.