Zendaya reveals her most-watched Netflix series

~Adds all of Z’s faves to our watchlist.~

By Matt Galea
Zendaya reveals her most-watched Netflix series

Zendaya Coleman is srsly one of the most #goals celebrities in Hollywood, not just RN, but EVER!

Therefore, we study every move she makes carefully and take all of her sage advice, from how to get over a breakup to which important causes to get behind.

And her latest words of wisdom are ones that you’re definitely gonna wanna get amongst.

Kween Z has revealed the awesome shows on her Netflix watchlist!

The K.C. Undercover actress uploaded a vid on her app where she discussed the shows that she’s currently binge-watching.

These include A Different World, Grace and Frankie and Grey’s Anatomy.

She claimed that she’s seen like, every single Grey’s ep that has ever aired. Ever.

Z even revealed the shows that she ~tried~ to get into but just couldn’t, explaining that Narcos didn’t do it for her and The Walking Dead totally stressed her out.

But as for RN, she’s in the middle of Season 5 of the comedy-drama, Shameless.

"I'm going way too fast," she says. "And I hate that. You know when you watch your favorite show almost too much, to a point where you get sad because you know it's going to end soon and you're going to have nothing to do with your life? That's how I'm feeling right now."