Zoella’s most hilarious ever moments on YouTube

Like that time she played the ‘Not My Arms’ challenge with her brother. GOLD.

Zoella’s most hilarious ever moments on YouTube

Without question, one of the funniest gals on ze internet is Zoella. From her super entertaining chats with Alfie to the hilarious shenanigans she gets up to with her bro, we can't get enough of the LOLz. Check out her funniest ever YouTube clips.

  1. That time her bestie versed her boyfriend in a game of 'Who knows Zoella best?'. How do we get in that clique?!

  1. That time she played 'What's in my mouth?' with YouTuber Joey Graceffa. It pretty much proves why the internet was invented.

  1. That time when Zoella tried to teach Joey (he's American) some British slang. Blimey. LOL.

  1. That time when she played 'Not my arms' with her broseph, Joe. The bit where he tries to brush her teeth is GOLD.

  1. That time when she got her boyfriend Alfie to do her make-up. We could watch it 2700 times and still find it funny.