The 5SOS vs Arzaylea beef just got even messier

Now, friends of 5SOS (and Arzaylea's bro) are involved.

By Jessica Lynch

In case you missed yesterday’s epic ~drams~, Luke Hemmings’ ex GF Arzaylea went totally nuclear on the 5SOS boys, calling them racist, homophobic, and throwing a whoooole bunch of serious accusations their way.

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The internet went into complete meltdown over the model’s comments, with fans from both sides dragging each other and basically making the sitch even messier than it already is.

And while the boys have yet to speak out, friends like Rena Lovelis from Hey Violet, Ashton Irwin’s ex-GF Bryana Holly and even Arzaylea’s own brother, Arzel, have since stepped up to slam the shocking rumours.

“I surround myself with good ppl, the boys included. Don’t know what that comment is about. maturity is everything xxxx,” Rena wrote on Twitter, throwing some super-subtle shade at Arz.

Bryana also took a dig at the 22-year-old with a similar Twitter post.

“Humans are not perfect. But to go out trying to INTENTIONALLY hurt others? What a terrible thing.”

Probs the juiciest nugget of all to come from this whole shizfight, however, has come from Arzaylea’s OWN BROTHER who completely dragged his sis in a bunch of now-deleted Twitter posts.

Damn, we’re gonna need a mop and bucket to clean up all this spilt tea…

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