7 secrets about the ‘Teen Wolf’ set that we learned from the Carver twins

Can you guess which cast member is an absolute "douche"?

By Matt Galea
7 secrets from the ‘Teen Wolf’ set that we learned from the Carver twins

You'll recognise the super hot twins Charlie and Max Carver from their roles as Ethan and Aiden in season 3 and 5 of Teen Wolf. We sat down with the 28-year-old twinnies while they were Down Under to find out all the BTS goss from the Teen Wolf set. Here are seven ~major~ secrets that we learned...

1. They hang out on and off set.

CHARLIE: "I have so many memories of us hanging out in each other’s trailers, playing music and dancing then raiding the food from the craft table which was terrible ‘cos then we’d have to take our shirts off for the next scene." [Laughs]

2. Fight scenes are dangerously last minute.

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MAX: "We learnt our fight scenes five, 10, sometimes 30 minutes before shooting. So between takes we’d be like ‘okay, almost punched you in the face last time. Sorry! Let’s go through it again.’"

3. Tyler Posey is sweet af.

CHARLIE: "One of the sweetest human beings on the planet!"

4. Dylan O’Brien makes people LOL at inappropes times.

MAX: "There’s this thing called ‘corpsing’ which is when you laugh in the middle of a take and I kid you not, he’d always make everybody corpse. He likes doing it but sometimes you’re like ‘Dylan stop it!’" [Laughs]

5. Daniel Sharman is a ~major~ douche.

CHARLIE: "He's kind of a douche but I still love him like a brother. He does Thanksgiving and Christmas with us every year."

6. They totally wish to be brought back.

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MAX: "It’d be pretty cool if Lydia brought us back so we could be there to help Scott in the final battle."

7. They're all still tight af.

MAX: "Even though some of us aren’t on the show anymore, the bond is still there. We see the guys all the time."