Arzaylea throws more shade at Luke Hemmings in a cryptic post

Damn Arzaylea, back at it again with the cryptic Twitter posts.

By Jessica Lynch

There’s been a whole lotta tea spilled over the place by Luke Hemmings’ ex Arzaylea lately, and even after friends of the 5SOS boys (and Arz’s own brother) came out to blast the shocking claims about the band made by the model, she doesn’t look to be done with this beef just yet.

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Posting a screenshot from the notes app on her phone, Arz took to Twitter to post a bizarre poem which seems to be a not-so-thinly-veiled swipe at Luke and his band mates, seeing as there are a bunch of references to cheating and the boys’ alleged hard-partying ways.

Following the ~drams~ which started when Arzaylea posted heated comments on Luke's Instagram post, fans across Twitter have become firmly divided between Team Arz and Team 5SOS…

The boys still haven’t commented on the whole mess of a saga, so ‘til then we’ll be here like..

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