Bella Hadid was caught social media stalking her ex and #beenthere #donethat


By Bianca Mastroianni

Bella Hadid and The Weeknd reportedly broke-up in October, so it's safe to say that wound is still #fresh.

Now, raise your hand if you have stalked an ex-boyfriend/crush/whatever on social media before?

We are all guilty of that, and it's nice to see someone as fabulous as Bella is the exact same.

While on the Victoria's Secret plane on her way to Paris, she was caught in another model's Snapchat looking at a photo of her and The Weeknd kissing.

How some fans notice these things is beyond us, but it's a pretty fantastic spot.

Although, we do find this fans caption interesting. "note: their breakup has never been official confirmed by them/their people and they're acting exactly as they always have so its totally just a rumour. I think its promo planted by VS for the show (aka its all a stunt) but either way I don't think its real."

It would be a great way to get Bella some publicity, since this is not only her first Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, but The Weeknd is performing at it. Talk about #awkward.

Not only that, but while in Paris, they actually hung out.

According to E!, The Weeknd was having dinner at a hotel with friends, when Bella and some of her friends dropped by to see them.

The source said, "Bella sat next to The Weeknd and spoke for a little while to him. They were really cool with each other."

"Bella was in a great mood, smiling and seemed really happy while being there."

Who knows, maybe they really are still dating. We freaking hope so anyway...