Cody Christian has finally addressed the nude photo scandal

He has a message for everyone. Yes, that includes YOU!

By Matt Galea
Cody Christian has finally addressed the nude photo scandal

A couple of weeks ago, Teen Wolf hottie, Cody Christian fell victim to the dark art of nude photo leaking – only for poor Cody, it was a video.

The video in question shows the star filming his naked body while he, er, masturbates.

According to HollywoodLife.com, he was devastated by the leak.

"He’s absolutely mortified, embarrassed and furious over the video leak,” a source told the site.

“To say he is pissed would not even begin to do justice to the level of his anger right now. But the main feeling he’s experiencing is humiliation. He seriously can’t believe this has happened to him—he never in a million years thought he would fall victim to a betrayal like this, and he feels violated.”

Now, the star has taken to Twitter to thank the fans that have supported him through his ordeal.

“Love each and every one of you with all of my heart,” he wrote. ”Incredibly grateful for the unwavering support. Enjoy the winter finale tonight!”

Strangely, Cody was just one in a string of Teen Wolf actors who have had their nude photos leak over the past few weeks.

His co-stars Tyler Posey and Ryan Kelley have also had their naked pics circulate the web recently.

Does privacy mean NOTHING to some people!?