Disney AND YouTube drop PewDiePie after his disgustingly hateful video


By Bianca Mastroianni
PewDiePie gets dropped from Disney

PewDiePie, the famous YouTube star started digging his own grave back when he first "sarcastically" called out YouTube for trying to kill his channel for... wait for it... being "white."

He then upset fans further by using the 'N' word in a derogatory way.

But the last nail in the coffin came when he produced a video about a website called 'Fivver'. On this said site, you can pay five dollars (or more, depending on what the request entail) for somebody to make a video of any form. He got two men to hold up the sign "Death To All Jews", and as you can imagine, it didn't end well.

He claimed to be "shocked" and mortified on the video, but people questioned by he uploaded it at all. Anyway, it's time for him to pay the price, and it's come in the form of being dropped by Disney and YouTube.

Marker Studios own Disney, whom helped him produce his YouTube show (which initially cost ten dollars a month to access as it was a premium show). Now, the companies have dropped him for the second season, as well as Google taking him off Google Preferred.

He will still be able to post videos on his YouTube channel, but without any service help.

He may have a lot of fans that will defend his actions, but it should be a reminder that the people you admire can be major #FAILS sometimes, and they need to pay the price.

Later Felix.