So Jake Paul now says he wants to work with Disney again

Here we go again..

By Jessica Lynch

You’d think we could get through the week without hearing something new Jake Paul has done to ruffles some feathers, yet here we are again.

ICYMI: In the last month alone he has:

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Now, after saying he wanted to move on from working with Disney Channel to ‘focus on his personal brand and work on more adult roles’, the 20-year-old seems to have a sudden change of heart.

“Disney was like such an amazing experience always for me, such a huge part of my life,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “I literally have a Mickey Mouse tattooed on me. It was a dream come true. I’m always rooting for the Bizaardvark cast, always rooting for Disney Channel... I see us working together in the future. I love them and they’ll always be a part of my life.”

Check out the whole interview in the video below…