Luke Hemmings' ex Arzaylea just went nuclear on the 5SOS boys

~Sips tea~.

Things have just gone from zero to a hundred real quick in the bitter breakup between Luke Hemmings and ex-GF Arzaylea Rodriguez today, with the model now coming out swingin’ with some major claims against the 5SOS boys.

After the whole saga in which Arzaylea allegedly cheated on Luke with fellow muso Blackbear (who now happens to be dating Bella Thorne), the 22-year-old has remained largely silent on the breakup, that is until now.

After Luke posted a snap on his ‘gram with the caption ‘2fast4u’, Arz went S-A-V-A-G-E on all the boys, posting a series of full-on comments, including one in which she says:

“The racism, judgement, and homophobia that happens in that group. It’s disgusting.”

She also claims that Luke cheated on HER and was with her the day before he was seen with another girl, but in much more, uh… graphic terms that we won't write here.

Meanwhile, Twitter is obvs losing all chill rn over these allegations, with some living for the ~drams~ and others accusing Arz of trying to get petty revenge.

And while Luke or the other boys have yet to comment, there’s one thing that’s certain - it’s all very, very messy…

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