The Vamps James McVey has something epic to say about Little Mix's ~revealing~ outfits


By Bianca Mastroianni

You may or may not know, but Little Mix have severely copped it recently by people calling their outfits too ~revealing~ and ~provocative~. PLEZ!

The fire was thrown after the girls debuted their new hit song Shout Out To My Ex on X Factor, and people called them 'strippers'. Ouch.

They have even been shunned by Spice Girl Mel C, claiming she doesn't want her seven-year-old daughter seeing much of them anymore.

BUT, what do you know, a boy has stepped up and defended the girls. And not just any boy, but The Vamps' James McVey.

Chatting to The Sun, James said, "If we performed wearing vests or even topless the only backlash would be from guys saying we look silly.

"But as soon as girls do it, it's labelled as inappropriate and I think ultimately it's that gender inequality and it's stereotyping, which needs to stop.

"It's their choice what they wear. To me personally you couldn't see sexual organs, I don't get the backlash. I don't see why they got the harsh comments they did."

Lol, sexual organs.

Too true though, let the girls live for gods sake, they look hot.