THIS is the reason why Selena Gomez is attracted to The Weeknd

Hint: It’s Justin Bieber related.

By Matt Galea
THIS is the reason why Selena Gomez is attracted to The Weeknd

Another day, another Abelena rumour and TBH we’re still not sure what to take from this.

First, it was being reported that Selena Gomez is pregnant, now, an insider has come forward and claimed that one of the main reasons why Sel is into The Weeknd is ‘cos he reminds her of her ~controversial~ ex-bae, Justin Bieber.

“In many ways, he reminds her a lot of Justin, but unlike Justin, who would often make Selena feel inferior to him, The Weeknd treats Selena like a princess,” an insider said. “He’s really helped Selena regain confidence in herself.”

As you’ll remember, Jelena was a very, VERY complicated chapter of Hollywood history.

The pair were on again, then off again, then they threw shade at each other (multiple times!) but despite all that, they have been romantically linked for a long time so there must be something about Justin that Sel likes.

And apparently she sees that something in Abel, only a nicer version!

“Abel has all the personality traits Selena goes for in a man: a successful music career, good looks, and a lot of confidence,” the source continued.

“She’s told friends he calls her Selenita and she calls him mi corazón because she said he has taken her heart.”


Let’s hope The Weeknd treats Sel a heck of a lot better than JB did.

Kween Seleen(a) deserves the best!