Who are #CloutGang and why exactly are they fighting with Team 10?

We get the deets.

By j-14

By now you’re probably well-versed in the drama surrounding Jake Paul and Team 10. The influencers have been making headlines non-stop with their crazy antics and neighbourhood disturbances. The team's members say that everything is done in fun and games, but there's a new group that doesn't seem as willing to look past the damage that Jake and his crew have caused along the way.

#CloutGang are a group of web stars that seems to have been started by FaZe Banks in response to Team 10 and Jake Paul. Though we've been seeing the hashtag everywhere, we're investigating — what is #CloutGang, really?

What is #CloutGang?

Like Team 10, #CloutGang will be a social media talent group and management company.

"#CloutGang! It's our clique, it's our thing," FaZe Banks explained in a recent online interview. "For lack of a better explanation, I guess it's just our version of Team 10."

FaZe continued, "You know, you find talent...people that you vibe with, you give them a platform to grow on. Everybody just blows up together, people do it as a team...We have this house, we have all the resources in the world, we have big people backing us and investing in us. It's going to be the next big thing."

The squad seems to poke fun at Team 10, especially shown by FaZe's Twitter bio. Likely inspired by the infamous Team 10 house, the social media star lists "The Clout House" as his location. FaZe insists that he is not abandoning FaZe Clan for #CloutGang, but #CloutGang is like "a clique" with a physical house, complete with empty rooms that are ready for new members.

However, #CloutGang strives to be more authentic than Team 10, claiming they will never have fake relationships or fake drama. FaZe and Alissa Violet are definitely dating IRL!

How can you join #CloutGang?

For now, the details are still unclear, but that hasn't stopped fans from uploading audition videos on YouTube and tweeting about wanting to join the squad. FaZe Banks has also alluded to an upcoming recruitment process to join the gang. On his latest video, FaZe Banks included a little clue in the bio.

Who's a part of #CloutGang?

In addition to FaZe Banks, his girlfriend Alissa Violet and his roommate RiceGum have been linked to the new group too. The three web stars simultaneously took to Twitter to pledge their allegiance to the squad.

In the interview, the gang spoke about Sommer Ray getting involved, or anyone else in FaZe Clan. They mentioned that conversations have already began, and their team will definitely be growing.

Though he is not officially a member of the gang, YouTuber KEEMSTAR — real name Daniel Keem — has recently gotten involved. KEEMSTAR runs a channel called "DramaAlert," where he reports on social interactions in online entertainment. The web star has been very active on his channel and Twitter supporting FaZe Banks, hosting interviews with #CloutGang members, and challenging Team 10 members to prove their story.

What do some people — including Alissa Violet and FaZe Banks from #CloutGang — have against Jake Paul and Team 10?

Jake has millions of fans from his Vine and YouTube channels and originally created the Team 10 empire. However, he's caused a ruckus in his neighbourhood, made a diss track taking aim at Alissa, been accused of abusing women, made racist comments to a fan, and been called out on bullying his classmates back in the day.

As for the specific #CloutGang beef, when Alissa left Team 10, it was no clean break. First, she ended her relationship with Tessa Brooks. She took to Twitter first to crop Tessa out of a photo, and then to call out the group for letting her down as a friend.

After leaving the Team 10 house, Alissa publicly accused Jake of being emotionally abusive while they were together. She called him out for cheating and playing with her emotions.

RiceGum and Alissa Violet released "It's EveryNight, Sis" back in June in response to Jake and Team 10's original diss track, "It's Everyday, Bro." It seems like #CloutGang has been in the making for a while, with Rice clearly taking Alissa's side.

Jake and Alissa are now wrapped up in a new controversy involving her new boyfriend FaZe Banks. Jake and other members of Team 10 uploaded a video in which they accused FaZe Banks of cheating on Alissa and assaulting Jake's assistant at a nightclub in Los Angeles.

In response, FaZe Banks and #CloudGang shared their side of the story on YouTube. Alissa and FaZe Banks share that they have contacted the authorities to settle the dispute, and are looking to pursue legal action against Jake. He also shares evidence that the assistant first said this event was an accident, and only changed her story later.

FaZe Banks then returned to social media to let his fans know that Jake had reached out to him, and they would be settling this matter privately.

What have former Team 10 members said about the situation?

In response to the accusations, Alissa obviously spoke out, condemning Jake and Team 10 for their alleged lack of morals and questionable intentions.

Former member Neels Visser, who has remained friends with Alissa, also got real about his take on the events that took place. He tweeted that he was "very grateful" that he decided to leave Team 10, which he named "a group of lying, racist, abusive, homophobic, and heartless 'talent.'"

So what's next?

There's still so much we don't know about the beef between Team 10 and #CloutGang, but we hope that the authorities will figure everything out quickly and settle the dispute, once and for all.

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