YouTuber PewDiePie has committed an extremely racist act on his channel

Warning: This article contains offensive content by the YouTuber.

By Matt Galea
YouTuber PewDiePie has committed an extremely racist act on his channel

Okay, this is seriously messed up!

PewDiePie, the world’s most popular YouTuber, has been accused of racism in his vids for the third time in a matter of months.

First, he got into a battle of race with YouTube, accusing the popular streaming service of sabotaging him because he's white.

Then, he used the word "ni---" in a video, which outraged loads of people.

And now he’s poked fun at genocide…

We know, it sounds hard to believe, but for some reason he thought it was not only acceptable, but funny as well.

Earlier this week, PewDiePie, real name Felix Kjellberg, stumbled upon two performers on a website called Fiverr who create videos where they dance in a forest and hold up signs with words of the user’s choosing.

For some insane reason, the 27-year-old thought it would be funny to pay the men to hold up a sign that read 'Death To All Jews' and dance.

We seriously have no words. None.

But understandably, loads of Twitter users who took offence to his actions did have words to say to the controversial YouTuber.

After watching the men dancing with the sign, the Swedish internet star tried to play down his involvement in the shocking video, blaming it on the fact that he didn’t think they’d do it.

"I am sorry, I didn’t think they would actually do it, I feel partially responsible but just – I didn’t know they would actually do it,” he said, then started giggling.

He went on to give the men five stars for their service because "at least they did what I asked”.

Don’t believe anyone could be that bigoted? Watch the video for yourself.

After uploading the extremely offensive video, the two men were banned from Fiverr for following PewDiePie’s racist request.

The men uploaded a video apologising for what they had done, claiming that they did not understand the true meaning of what the message read which, judging by their broken English in the apology vid, we can kinda believe.

Here it is below:

Realising that what he had done was disgraceful, PewDiePie shared the video on his Twitter and asked that the men be forgiven for what he paid them to do.

"@fiverr Get them back their account please. Ban me its fine, but doesn't seem fair to ban these guys..”

Yeah, nup. Not an apology. Although TBH, an apology wouldn’t even be valid considering this is the THIRD time he’s been accused of racism.

We seriously cannot overstate this: racism of any kind (even if you think it’s funny) is NEVER okay.