Zoella has been accused of cheating on her boyfriend

The reason will make you roll your eyes into oblivion.

By Bianca Mastroianni
Zoella was accused of cheating because of this photo

Ahhhhhhhh. We're rolling our eyes before even writing this, because the reasoning is just.so.dumb.

Zoella, blogging genius we all know and love, has been accused of cheating on her long-term boyfriend Alfie Deyes, because of this pic.

It seems innocent enough, right? WRONG!

Because Zoe isn't sitting next to Alfie, but her friend Mark Ferris instead... she's supposedly cheating on Alfie, with Mark. Lol. The logic.

"I'm so disappointed with so many comments in this photo," she wrote. "Mark is my friend. That's it. He's also Alfie's friend. It makes me sad that if he had a vagina you'd probably feel differently. Boys and girls CAN just be friends without any other feelings."

Here here, queen.

She did however explain why she isn't sitting next to Alfie (not that she needed any explanation).

"I sat next to him on the plane because we were both watching Gavin and Stacy on my MacBook & Alfie wanted to edit," she explained. "Not that I should even have to justify it, I might have just wanted to sit next to my friend. Enough of this now guys! Please 💗 "

And that's all we have time for. L8ers.