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How to avoid an awkies date

Awks date scenarios you can turn around in your favour... so you'll never run out of things to talk about!

How to talk to a guy on a date

Picture the scene: You’ve chatted for hours on Facebook Chat and know absolutely everything about him from school life to parties to his freaking pet’s name. But when you go on a date, it’s totally awkward.


Here are all the tips you’ll need come date night to have you bantering better than Niall Horan at a soccer match.

When there’s zero small talk...

Why is it that silence can seem so loud? You wish you’d gone for a movie date instead of sitting across from each other pretending to be interested in the burger menu. The most you seem to get out of each other is “Yep” and “Nope” when asking if you like tomato sauce with chips. According to our psychologist Dr Erin Bowe, starting a convo with a question is a good idea. “Instead of asking questions that can result in yes or no answers, be a bit more creative and brave with what you’re asking,” she says. “Ask things like, “Where would you most like to travel to in the world?’” 
Erin suggests. “Then you can reverse it and tell them a bit about you. It will prompt interesting stories from you both.”

If there’s TOO much nervous ramble...

Things seem to be flowing well... until you see the look on his face. He kind of looks like he’s asleep with his eyes open. It suddenly dawns on you that you have not stopped talking for ages, so much so you’re surprised you haven’t passed out from lack of air. It’s not because you’re obsessed with talking about yourself; it’s a nervous response to wanting to avoid silence at all costs. And while a tiny bit of damage may have been done, you can still recover. “When we’re nervous, we pay more attention to the running commentary in our heads than to the person in front of us,” says Erin. “But conversations are full of false starts and jumbling words. So, stop and take a breath, briefly joke about the fact you’re a bit nervous and then it’s their turn to tell a story.” We bet they will be relieved you’re just as nervous as they are. Have a laugh about it and it will make for a more relaxed convo for the rest of the date.

Let’s just call him Mr Interrupter...

Well, you don’t have to worry about silence with this one! In fact, you don’t have to worry about talking too much either. This guy has bypassed nervous chatter and is in flat-out, full-on life-story mode. He asked you a couple of questions, however he seems to have forgotten you might want to answer. Instead, you’ve managed to say about three syllables all night. But you like this guy: he’s ridiculously nice and his stories (even though they’re long) have shown he loves his family, is loyal to his pals and is a dog person. You just don’t want to give up on him. “Most people don’t even realise they’re doing this,” says Erin. “Just be upfront but friendly and make a bit of a joke about 
it. Say something like, ‘Well, I know so much about you now! Something similar happened to me once… and then take the stage for a while.” If he takes offence to this, or continues to deliberately interrupt you, it might be sign this guy isn’t for you. Or, has some social skills he really needs to work on!

Hooray – you guys are chatting! Well, that’s until your folks butt in...

The two of you have finally nailed the date-night chat and you can’t see the convo ending... then your parents chime in. First your mum texts to check if you’re OK, and then HIS mum calls, then YOUR dad thinks he’s calling your big bro but ‘accidentally’ calls you – oh, and then HIS mum decides to call again. Argh! But did you know you can stop this from happening in the first place by prepping your parents for your night out? “Generally, the more details you give your parents beforehand, like the time, place you’re going and the name 
of the person you’re with, the fewer interruptions you will get,” Erin explains. “Talk to your parents about what everyone’s expectations are for communication and agree on what sort 
of response each of you thinks is fair. The key here is to make 
a clear plan before you leave.” Although, if it’s too late for that plan, step away from your date quickly and give your mum all of the details she needs to feel comfortable.

Three totally random convo savers...

Would you rather have fingers as short as your toes, or toes as long as your fingers? Why?

If you had to wear any animal on your head as a hat forever, what would you choose?

Who with and when was the last conversation you had entirely in your head, but never with the person?