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According to ~science~ people who maintain their pubes are more likely to contract STD's

~Red alert~.

By Bianca Mastroianni
People who trim pubic hair morel likely to have STD

Public hair maintenance is a fickle thing.

We'll say it, as the '60s slowly turned into the '00s, pubic hair started to become a thing of the past. BUT embracing the whole "do what you will with your body hair" attitude of today, it's kinda making a comeback.

You may, or may not ~maintain~ the downstairs garden, but is having pubic hair linked to sexually transmitted diseases?

Sort of.

According to a US study, 14,000 people between the ages of 18 and 65 were interviewed about their grooming and sexual habits. What was found?

People who regularly trim their bush have an 80% higher chance of contracting an STI.

Okay, so it doesn't mean that if you trim your pubes you're automatically going to get a sexually transmitted disease.

All it meant was that people who regularly maintain the grass seem to have more sexual partners.

The risk? If you're spending that much time down there it's probably because someone regularly looking at it (you know what we mean), or, the more you trim the more likely you'll cut yourself and increase your susceptibility to infection.

BUT, there's good news for all you smooth slicks. The people who groom more often are DRASTICALLY lowering their chances of lice. WIN!