Noah Cyrus gets her septum pierced and documents the whole thing on video


Noah Cyrus gets septum pierced

Now it is no secret that Noah Cyrus's style is super funky, but she just amped up her edginess on a whole new level. The "Cry" singer took to Instagram to show off her major transformation, which didn't come without a whole lot of pain. Yep, that's right – she got a piercing. A septum ring, to be exact.

The video shows Noah's whole entire experience in the chair, and you should be warned – it's pretty graphic.

"'MOMMAAAA' 'its okay baby' OUCH," she wrote alongside the video, which shows Noah's whole piercing process.

Yikes! That did not look easy, but we're sure having her mom Tish Cyrus there for support made a world of a difference.

This isn't the first time Noah has switched up her look entirely. Not only has the singer rocked countless hair lengths and styles over the years, but she is constantly switching up her color. From long, gray hair to rainbow extensions to bleach blonde locks, she has seriously done it all.

But let's be real – why wouldn't you take fashion and beauty risks when you grew up taking after your older sister Miley Cyrus, who just so happens to be the queen of outlandish styles.

Let us also not forget all time she debuted a septum piercing back in 2015 – which turned about to be totally fake.

Despite the fact that Noah's piercing process didn't look to enjoyable, we think she handled it like a total pro. Now we cannot help but wonder if she has any more piercings in her future. Who knows, maybe a tattoo is next – only time will tell.