Instagram star Alexis Ren gets real about her body image issues

She's now in a much better mindset

By Jessica Lynch

It’s hard not to scroll through Instagram star Alexis Ren’s feed without getting some serious life envy over her cruisey lifestyle that consists of endless poolside lounging and adventures in paradise, but the model has revealed that all isn’t as perf as her 'gram makes it out to be...

Getting real AF to her followers, the usually happy-go-lucky gal revealed in a series of Tweets how she’s had to “take a huge step of acceptance” in the last year, seemingly hinting that she's struggled with physical and mental issues.

She also posted a picture of herself smiling, telling followers she wanted to continue to share her story with them.

Fans were quick to praise the 20-year-old for her braveness, and encouraged her to continue to speaking out on these issues.

We think it’s totally awesome that Alexis is drawing attention to issues that affect so many, and we’re glad she’s on the road to a healthier mind and body!

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