This detail about Andy from 'Toy Story' will creep you the hell out


By Bianca Mastroianni
Andy's face in Toy Story was used on every kid

We're 3,000% certain that you would all be aware of who Andy is from Toy Story.

^ When Andy got hot and Pixar got more $$

We basically wanted to get his name tattooed on the bottom of our foot, he's so iconic.

But this detail that Buzzfeed have picked up on is FREAKING US OUT!!

We're gonna say it, Andy isn't cute (sorry!) His face is kind of strange.

But what makes it stranger is that Pixar used his creepy old face on ALL HIS FRIENDS!!!

Remember his b'day party?

Well in the scene where all his friends turn up, you can see that they all.have.his.face.


Not to mention freaking SID looks eerily similar as well.

We're not here for it.