The most epic 'Hannah Montana' reunion just happened


Hannah Montana reunion with Jason Earles and Emily Osment

Do you spend way more time than you'd like to admit daydreaming about what would happen if the cast of Disney Channel's Hannah Montana ever reunited for another movie or TV spinoff?

Because same.

Well, two of your favorite stars from the throwback series just had a little reunion of their own, melting hearts everywhere. But it turns out that their meeting was totally unexpected!

Actress Emily Osment, who you know played Lilly Prescott and Lola Luftnagle on the show, revealed on Twitter that she just ran into actor Jason Earles, who played Jackson Stewart while she was out for a hike!


Honestly, of all the crazy things that can happen to you while out hiking (ie: running into snakes? Getting lost in the woods? Dropping a water bottle down a canyon?) we imagine that running into your former Hannah Montana co-star is among the craziest but most awesome.